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Hear, hear Graham Rundle (‘‘Heartfelt thanks to unsung journo’’ Letters 27/2). Without Joanne’s courage, tenacity and strong commitment to decency, the voices of victims of institutional abuse in the Hunter would not have been heard. And, let’s not forget that Joanne’s efforts have been supported by the Newcastle Herald, which has stood by its community, yet again.
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Angela Barry, Toronto

Here’s a heads up for Leslie Jacobi (Short Takes 27/2), you can’t catch the train to Merewether. If any of the 15,000 people attending the Surfest final at Merewether came from outlying areas by train, then they would have had to get off the train and either walk or catch a bus to Merewether. What a novel idea. Our inner-city train line has such a limited route that it serves no purpose for the bulk of Newcastle suburbs.

Sharon Gibb, Merewether

Congratulations Ben Barba on not using bipolar or ADD as an excuse. Good luck with your recovery.

Michael Pearl, Belmont

I, too, agree with Danielle Mortlock (‘‘Katter culling call batty’’ Herald 25/2). If the boy who tragically lost his life from handling an infected bat had instead been killed by a person, that person would not be put to death. I suppose those calling for a bat cull also support wiping out great white sharks, all venomous snakes and anything else that may endanger a human life. I hate to point it out, but we are the greatest killers of all, and I don’t hear anyone calling for a human cull. If you enter the territory of a dangerous animal, or handle an injured or sick animal, then the animal cannot be blamed for the consequences.

Jennifer Baker, Buttaba

The beauty of a democratic society is that any one can put forward their views on any subject. Mac Maguire ( Letters 27/2) may not like what Lord Monckton espouses, but he has as much right as anyone else to speak to the people of Australia without being ridiculed for his views. If we showed a bit more tolerance of others, Australia would be a better place.

John Ferris, Muswellbrook

Unless there is a dramatic swing in the polls, we could witness the demise of the federal Labor Party in this country. If they keep Julia Gillard as leader, the Greens could win more seats than the Labor Party in the coming election. They must change the leadership to give them some chance or we will witness the end of an era.

Darryl Tuckwell, Belmont

We might be the only place on earth that calls it ‘‘Maccas’’ but we are also the only place where it’s ‘‘Mick’’-Donalds! I can’t believe my ears when the ads use this pronunciation. And another thing, don’t bother to ask if I want some fries with that, ask instead where the tea is – the ‘‘t’’ that used to be in ‘‘imporTant’’ before it became ‘‘imporDant’’.

Tony Tripodi, Newcastle

Tony Abbott is in a no-win situation. He was berated for being upfront and in their faces, now he is being criticised for keeping low-key. As will the rest of us, he’ll be glad when September 14 rolls around.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

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