Historic Boloco Station flock dispersal

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Boloco Station flock dispersal sale last Wednesday. (photo Rueben Rose) The historic Boloco Station flock dispersal sale attracted keen interest. (photo Rueben Rose)

One hundred and forty years of closed flock breeding was offered for sale on farm at Boloco Station, Dalgety last Wednesday February 20, and interfaced on auctions plus.

On offer were 399 stud ewes ranging in age from stud ewe lambs to six and half year old stud ewes, 5,010 commercial ewes and 175 stud rams of mixed ages.

The sale attracted a lot of interest with thirty-five registered bidders on farm and up to at times, 38 registered auctions plus onlookers saw very spirited bidding.

By the end of the day there was a 100 per cent clearance of all the Boloco sheep.

Local Monaro competition snapped up most of the stud ewes and were very strong on the commercial sheep and stud rams.

Sheep were bought into three states including NSW and Victoria with a line of the one-and-half-year old M/Ewes making their way down to Tasmania.

82 stud M/Ewes one-and-a-half-year-old, sold at $142 to Henry and Julia Bridgewater of Sherwood Poll Merino’s, Bungarby.

97 M/ ewes two and a half year old sold at $160 to Dean Bourlet of Wynwood, Jugiong.

47 stud M/Ewes four and a half years old sold at $162 to MJ and J Miners of Longfield, Dalgety.

344 M/Ewes one and a half year old January shorn (commercial) sold at $99 to Tony Flannery, Goorama Pty Ltd, Galong.

351 M/Ewes two-and-a-half-year-old January shorn sold to local buyer Mick Finlay of Athella, Cooma for $95.

Both pens of the three-and-a-half-year-old M/E January shorn were purchased by G and K Davidson of Bairnsdale (Vic) for $96.

Wallaby Creek Past Co purchased both lots of the four-and-a-half-year-old M/ewes, January shorn with the top priced lot selling to $86.

Paul Regan of Brundam Past Co, Binalong, got a line of the five-and-a-half-year-old M/ewes December shorn where 370 head made to $61.

The young unshorn Merino ewe lambs sold to a top of $63 with local Bill Brewis and Sarah Woodhouse securing a line that they could walk home to ‘Marranumbla’, Dalgety.

The stud rams sold solidly with sales ranging from $100-$900 per head.

The sale was conducted by Monaro Livestock and Property and Bluechip Livestock, with Will Dixon of MLP as auctioneer.

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