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Survival on a two dog night

SEEMS it’s not only cats that have nine lives. But two dogs must have used up most of their spare luck with a nightmare adventure during flooding in the Hartley Valley at the weekend. Kennels containing the hapless dogs were swept away when the Lett River rose at an unpredicted and rapid rate on Saturday night, flooding a property at Hartley Vale. The kennels were carried several kilometres downstream before being dumped by the torrent where they were found by another property owner next morning. The dogs were battered and bruised but had amazingly survived. They were taken to the animal shelter in Lithgow where council staff were able to identify the owner through the microchips. A remarkable story of survival on what was truly a two dog night.

The summer’s gone

SO here we are at the end of the summer of 2012/13 already and what a sad situation that is. It seems as though the season has just begun and already it’s gone. Now we’re officially into autumn and we all know what comes after that.

Having us on

IT’S difficult to believe that the reduced speed limits on the Bells Line between Mt Tomah and Bilpin are anything other than a cynical cash grab. The speed limit was dropped to 60 back in mid summer when a scorcher melted some of the bitumen (according to Roads and Maritime). But it’s no worse than the Great Western Highway around Yetholme and that’s been in that condition for years (in fact the Bilpin-Tomah stretch is probably in better nick). So there you have it; one rough and ready section of highway is considered appropriate for 100 km/h. The other is back to 60 — and swarms with cops. Please explain.

The big squeeze

THERE was a comment the other day that brought into sharp focus just how the big supermarkets and their price wars are squeezing Australian producers out of business. “Who would have thought the day would come when you were paying more for a litre of water than a litre of milk” was the comment. Food for thought indeed. You can help in at least a small way by paying that little extra and only purchasing brand name milk (and just about anything else Australian-made on the supermarket shelves). It’s time to think beyond the attraction of saving just a few cents while our dairymen are being forced off their farms.

FROM THE SAINT: Thursday February 28, 2013

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