Blacktown Council rejects government plan for sports fields

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Sporting fields proposed for a former rubbish tip site in Marsden Park could leak potentially harmful gases, be subject to subsidence and require tens of millions of dollars in remediation work.

Blacktown Council documents estimate it would cost about $60 million for initial work to prepare the former Grange Avenue landfill site for use as sporting fields.

Ongoing maintenance, including flaring of landfill gas and leachate disposal, would cost another $16 million over about 50 years, the documents state.

Blacktown Councillor Alan Pendleton said the report highlighted serious problems with the state government’s plan for sporting fields in the Marsden Park release area.

‘‘When you read the report, it’s really quite enlightening in respect to some of the geotechnical findings,’’ he said.

Cr Pendleton motioned for the council to reject the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s plan.

‘‘The council will not accept the area as playing fields until the remediation is complete,’’ he motioned.

‘‘It might be 50 years, I don’t know.’’

The site was used as a household waste dump for 25 years until it closed in 2001.

The proposal to use it as sporting fields is outlined in the draft plans for the Marsden Park Precinct.

About 10,000 houses and 30,000 people will move to the area in the next 20 years.

Riverstone state MP Kevin Conolly said the draft plans did not yet bind the council to any financial obligations.

‘‘This is merely a vision for the area and doesn’t force the council as owner of the landfill to achieve a certain outcome,’’ he said.

‘‘The department (of Planning and Infrastructure) will continue to work with council to clarify the potential remediation costs, funding sources and ongoing management measures required to ensure the safe future use of the site.’’

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